Diva u-he Synth Vst Analog Plugin Download

By | December 7, 2023

u-he Diva Synthesizer With Presets Download

u-he Diva synthesizer plugin is a virtual synthesizer. It’s inspiring the musician over 50 years in the field of analog synthesizer. Lots of Oscillators and filters are packed with this plugin for extraordinary polyphonic and monophonic synths. u-he synth is  still unmatched in the field of analog sound due to it’s unique characteristics.

If you got u-he Diva synth plugin for you music you can easily mix your favorite music to create advance and unique hybrid.

diva synth plugin download

 u-he Diva Key Features

  • Advanced and unmatched in the field of analog sound
  • Mixing and matching panels are attached for custom layouts
  • You can easily detune oscillator as per-voice and user friendly modulation source
  • You may get feedback without any delay a unique filter is also designed to for valid resonance behavior
  • Models 3 ADS(S)R is working on classic synth hardware with velocity scaling and keyboard
  • u-he diva soft synth used 5 oscillator with base classic synth hardware
  • This plugin consist of 5 filter models with base as classic synth hardware
  • For phase control, restart option and multiple waveforms 2 host-sy- cable LFOs is used.
  • 2 stereo effects slots consist of chours, plate reverb, phaser, delay, rotary speaker
  • In control bar you have function of Host syn cable arpeggiator along continuous swing, rate offset, and many different progression.
  • Editable list and MIDI learn page also available.
  • UI can be resized from 70 to 200% in u-he Synth.
  • u-he diva synth analog vst plugin consist of more than 1200 factory presets

Why does you choose u-he diva synthesizer?

You have to choose diva synthesizer mixing plugin due to these amazing features.

Envelopes and Effects

Filters and oscillator add humming to your favorite music, with just a light polish your music can be outstanding and feels good to your ears.

In diva vst plugin you can easily switch b/w filters and oscillators. Envelops give you access to more supportive result. Diva plugin synthesizer has two different types of slots, one transfer to filter and other to amplifier-both of them contains three different models. Develop your sound smoothly like sharp percussion, notes etc.

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Triple VCO

Another option in Diva soft synth which makes this plugin form others is Triple VCO. VCO provides the largest panel to it’s users along with three oscillators. With this option you can shape the require waveform continuously as compare to discrete like triangle, ramp, sawtooth, square or any other changes from hybrid shapes. You can also pick the option of oscillator sync, frequency modulation (FM) and for striking tone waveform modulation is also available. You can easily route post filter sound back through oscillator mixer for great effects and mild bass boost to sub harmonics/ howling & low frequency with feedback option.

In the final mixing you can use Diva’s two stereo effects slots for your convenience. For vintage feel all effects are packed with this u he diva vst plugin and are in your access. You need not to go anywhere like studio to mix the sound according to your desire. Sum up movement with phaser, add space with reverb plate and delay, rotary speaker effects/ chours for final mixing.

What’s New in Diva Virtual Analog Synth Plugin?

Diva is trying to modify panel and adding more modulation options so that you can easily invert, Add quantize and lag open fresh ideas for you music.

Minute details can be transformed to static, unpleasant music into something happy, pleasant and organic.

There is trimmers panel in diva synth analogue plugin in which you can easily convert your sounds into more analogue for better feel. CVD (control voice detuning per oscillator) sets variance b/w internal voices (round robin), drifting of voice and much more for flavoring life to you music. These functions reflects the inherent variations in analogue hardware. The circuit board will not be the 100 % same everytime, envelopes should be less snappy and oscillator tuning may be differ a little bit. Individual effects may be affected, but at last they sum up more analogue sound to your favorite music library.

u-he Diva System Needs

  • Windows 7 or higher like windows 8,8.1,10,11 newer
  • Mac OS X 10.10 or newer
  • Host software / DAW
  • 1GB RAM, more recommended
  • 1000 × 700 or larger display
  • 100-250 MB free hard disk space

Modern CPU required:
Windows/Linux: Intel Nehalem or newer, AMD Bulldozer or newer
Mac: Intel Nehalem or newer, Apple M1

Linux: glibc version 2.28 or newer


Diva requires host software and it’s not a standalone product.

Diva is compatible with all types of DAW

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