Komplete Guitar Rig Pro 7 Vst Plugin + Lo-Fi Effects Download

By | March 26, 2024

What is Guitar Rig Pro 7?

Guitar rig Pro 7 suite flash your vision with it’s remarkable features. This plugin packed with studio effects, amp simulators, and pedals. Guitar Pro 7 plugin contains 100  advance presets, match modules or mixers to carve your favorite tones. You can add analog warmth with four advance lo-fi components to give texture to any music track.

guitar rig pro 7 download

Never ending creations of producing, jamming and much more with rig pro 7.

What’s new in Rig Pro 7?

Intelligent Circuit Modeling

Get experience of new advance guitar rig with virtual guitar amps. Native instruments team worked very hard to make it real as nature. It’s ICM (intelligent circuit modeling) use machine learning technology to provide the activities if hardware devices for the foundation. ICM simulator do not act like real deal – you feel the real one.

New Amp Day

Guitar rig 7 vst plugin contains new ICM amps to design your sound.

Super fast 100

With renowned 100W tube amp you can design your modern sound with shiny pitch, creamy & soft leads , high gain sounds.

Reverb Delight

Classic sounds from mid of 60’s, unlimited hits, and working as one of the most influential workhorse guitar amps ever designed.

 AC Box XV

New model after legendary 60s tube amp is well knows for its feel, clean tone and grainy breakup, AC Box XV characteristics a thoroughly created “point to point” hand wired chassis manufactured in UK. These are the two channel tone monster designed your favorite sound of Liverpool.

Bass Rage

With all tube bass amp which provides 300 watts of classic bass tone, made for those players who are searching for verified, vintage tube sound that puts the respect of industry at highest level.

Dig up your lo-fi fix

While using guitar rig 7 plugin you can work without boundaries of guitars and basses. Add analog texture to modify your sound like a brand-new.

Noise Machine

Design tones inspired by classic gear as cassette tapes, electric hum, VHS tapes and vinyl.

Tape Wobble

You can easily emulate warbling effect by improperly adjusted analog machines. Rig pro 7 plugin provides you smooth platform to get a classic lo-fi effect specially on pads, sustained notes, and melodic content.


Intelligence Circuit Modeling powered Kolor put character to any tracks using black-box model of popular hardware circuits. This is packed with two isotopes trash components, and texture for building

Advance Loop Machine Pro

Layer ideas, design attractive loops, Jam with your favorite music tacks and lift up live shows. Loop machine pro converted guitar rig pro 7 bundle into advance performance machine.

Can you use pedals with Guitar Rig?

You can easily use Guitar Rig pro version 7 with the assistance of controller pedal which is attatched to pc with Rig Kontrol. First linked Pedal input 1/2 with external pedal. Go to options in Guitar Rig move to preference and click the reset in the section of Rig Kontrol Ext pedal calibration.

Why can’t you hear your guitar in Guitar Rig 7?

First of all you need to make sure that your guitar is turned up and also connected to desire audio interface input. Now you need to check another thing is the input is gaining your audio interface is turned up then you will be able to hear you guitar in guitar rig 7.

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