u-he Repro 5 Vst Synth Plugin + Presets Download (Mac)

By | May 14, 2024

What is Repro 5 Synth?

Repro 5 vst synth is the advance tool for creating authentic model. Repro 5 hit back to past due to inspiration from analogue, thoroughly modeling two popular synthesizers. By using of component-level modeling technology each detail from original is captured. All types of delicate features and quirks contains in original are packed in Repro 5 vst plugin. One installer, one product, two advance synths.

repro 5 vst plugin

Repro-1 Vs Repro 5?

Polyphonic distortion

While Repro-1 includes a sequencer, Repro-5 comes with a distortion unit. Each voice has its own processor, which means there is no interaction between notes in a chord. The distortion gets applied to the signal before the rest of the included effects.

Repro 5 Spotlights

  • You can avail advance kind of analogue by using component level modeling
  • Repro 5 vst plugin packed with 2 different multi wave oscillators: like pulse / saw & triangle / saw
  • You can adjust all component behavior with tweak page.
  • 4 pole resonant available in lowpass filter.
  • Repro 5 based upon famous voice polyphonic synth hardware.
  • Optional functions are 8 voice unison and 8 voice polyphonic.
  • Voice panning for individual in repro 5.
  • Voice modulation with audio rate: oscillator frequency, pulse width & filter cutoff.
  • 4 different types of polyphonic distortion is available in Bit crusher option.
  • Built-in effects: chorus, analog-style delay/resonator, plate reverb, sonic conditioner, tape emulation effect.
  • 950 + factory presets available in vst plugin repro 5.

Advance repro 5 tool is packed with lots of sonic DNA with Repro-1 but sum up with  latest features and flavors.

First of all it’s polyphonic! Play the rich pads, modify them by resonant lowpass filter, if you want to use polyphonic distortion unit as hard you can use, and in the last drive your sound with 5 built-in effects. Keep it clear, or forward through thick detuned unison leads.

Repro 5 plugin packed with advance dimensions to the same classic sound and keeping analogue authenticity front and centre.

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